Classia Pest Control becomes the most trustworthy and professional exterminator company by providing the world-class pest management service in Bangladesh. Since 2014, we have been working as the smartest solution for all kind of pests. 

Our unique pest inspection system makes us unique among all the pest control in Bangladesh. After a successful pest inspection, our exterminators estimate the amount of chemical or mechanical trap required for eradicating the pests from your home, office or industry.

We are always at clients’ service and launched a 24 hour pest control in Bangladesh. We have 100+ satisfied clients’ community for which we need only a five years tenure. We ensure the safety of pest control by regular training of our exterminator and keeping an eye on them.

Our trained exterminators have never left a task incomplete that may cause any health issue to you, kids, pets and your colleagues.

With the vision of making a safe space for you free from notorious pests, we are equipped with modern devices, technique, and comparative safer chemicals. We follow the manufacturers’ material safety sheet for making the chemical solution for fumigation and spraying. We are undefeated in finding out the movement route of various pest especially rodents and effective in placing the traps to make a successful rodent control for your home, store, and office.

We have a different solution for home, office, and industry. Our dedicate exterminator team is aware of the norm for working in these different place. We have satisfied clients’ in both governments and non-government organizations. Classia Pest Control offers services in the following three areas.


Industrial Pest Control Services Dhaka

From long experience, we know that the major pest for Bangladeshi industries is rodents and flies. We have adopted an effective technique to eradicate the pest completely from your industry premise. We ensure long lasting effect from our rodent control and other pest control strategies. We are not only the best pest control services Dhaka, but we have also covered the entire Bangladesh.

Home Pest Control Services in Dhaka

Classia Pest Control is proud to hold the title for the best home pest control services in Dhaka. We are familiar with the common pests of home and effective in eradicating them for a long period of time. We provide eco-friendly pest eradication for most of the common home pests.

Office Pest Control Services in Dhaka

Classia is aware of the common pest that causes disaster in your office. We offer our signature eradication method for termite, ant, cockroach, ant, rodent, etc. The best office pest control services in Dhaka provides long-lasting management of pests that cannot back to your office soon again.

Our skilled exterminators are very effective in determining the movement route of the rodents and insects. They have also appropriate knowledge on the seasonal variation of various pests. Therefore, we can set the triumphant strategies for pest control.

Inspection for determining the pest infestation, fixing the method of eradication, and selecting the correct concentration of chemical makes us unique from others. We use only the high-quality chemical, which has a material safety sheet. Our experienced and trained chemist make the chemical concentration in such a way that can eradicate the pest but not harmful for human and environment.

We provide complete and tailor-made pest control solution within the most affordable price in the market. Classia is very responsive to the clients’ and do not leave a message unattended. We are one call away from you regardless of working hours and holiday.

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