House cockroaches are one of the hardest things in the world to get rid of. Literally everyone failed to get rid of them permanently. And because of their strong adaptive survive-ability, they keep coming back again and again.

Cockroaches can grow on average up to one and a half inch or 3 inches long. There are many breeds of cockroaches all around the world. The ones that are the most annoying to us are the house cockroaches. In Bangladesh they look a bit reddish, sometimes brown. Their head is fully black and has two large antennas. Their shoulders are yellow or white sometimes. This yellow shoulder and black head gives them the appearance of an eye when looking at them from the dark. They have two large wings in the back tucked in and when they fly they make a distinct sound with their wings. They have six legs that help them crawl any surface.

Cockroach feasting
Cockroach Feasting

They like dark places with a little moisture. Places like behind furniture, under the table, under sofas, under kitchen sink, in the bathroom, basement, ceiling storage and many other places. And if the furniture or let’s say the house is made of old outdated materials, it will be very easy for them to stay there and breed. A female cockroach can lay up to 30-50 eggs and it takes 100-150 days for the eggs to become adult. And since they lay their eggs in the dark place, it’s hard to find them until the hatch-lings have fully grown up and leave their nest.

Where to Find Them?

The best way to control their population or simply control them, is to have these dark places checked frequently and keep them clean. Don’t let moisture stay in your house. Keep your house dry and clean. Let air and sun light flow in to your house.

South East-Asian Cokcroach
South East- Asian Cockroach

Proper food storage, food maintenance and keeping your kitchen clean all the time will reduce the possibility of cockroach infestation greatly.

Cockroaches enter our home for food, shelter and moisture. Once they find an area safe for them to stay, they start infesting the area. They do it so quickly that it is hard to notice until it is too late. This is why it is very important to stay alert and spot cockroaches before they start the infestation. This is why learning about cockroaches is more important and that’s exactly what the article described here.


Now there are many ways to deal with roach infestation on your own. Since now you know how roach infest and where the target first, you will be willing to do things on your own, but only if the infestation is confirmed to be small. It is always better to let the professionals handle it. Because professionals handle it better. They will keep it clean, humane and they will guarantee that the cockroaches won’t come back. They don’t charge much so it’s always better to appoint a check-up. We hope you will take the right decision and call the pest control at the right moment.