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Are you losing your personal space and comfort for some annoying guests? 

Are you anxious about the unhealthy environment of your residence due to destructive pest?

Are you searching for a trustworthy pest control service in Dhaka to get rid of all flea?

Classia ensures a clean and healthy environment for your family by removing all type of household bugs and insects.

Our trained and qualified exterminators are very efficient in eradicating the unwanted guests from your home and keep your supremacy in your residence.

Common Home Pest Control Services in Dhaka

Our common home pest control services in Dhaka includes the most notorious and readily available pest.

Mosquito Control

A resident of Dhaka city is mostly annoyed by the mosquito in day and night. At least one of our family members have experienced at least one deadly mosquito-transmitted disease.

Classia offers high-quality mosquito control service for residential apartment and home to reduce the frequency of the disease in the society. Our strategic plan not only reduces the current population but also stop them to come back.

Mosquito Control

Flies Control

We all know flies are the factory of germs and able to transmit most of the disease of the gut. In summer, people of Dhaka become unable to take food without fly dropping on it. As a result, seasonal gut diseases are very common at that time of the year.

Classia Pest Control is very effective in limiting their infestation by appropriate use of fumigation and taking some mechanical measures to your house. As the best pest control in Bangladesh, we guarantee 100% satisfaction for flies control service.

Flies Control

Ant Control

Anywhere you go to Dhaka, you will find ant as your disgusting neighbor. They are master in destroying your food, bed, and clothes. They are even a step ahead to make their house anywhere in your house without making any deadly events. But the situation becomes worst where they attach your kids or pets.

The best home pest control service Dhaka, Classia offers complete removal of ant from your house, apartment, and garden.

ant control

Cockroach Control

After ant, the cockroach is the most common pest to the inhabitant of Dhaka. The cockroach is not only destroyed your food, clothes, and kitchen items but also transmit many deadly diseases. They can hide anywhere in your house even in the sanitary pipe.

Classia has the best exterminators in the team to remove all the cockroach from your house from the toughest invading place. We have proper knowledge of their places in your house which helps us to eradicate their population completely.

Cockroach Control

Spider Control

Naturally, spiders are not harmful to people but they are scary for having a compound eye. But a large number of spider can make your house difficult to live by spreading nets all over. Unfortunately, few of the spider contains deadly venom.

Our exterminators are highly skilled in eliminating spiders from your house completely. Classia uses organic pest control approach to spider control. We are strategic and eco-friendly to bring your home comfort.

Spider Control

Bed Bug Control

The bed bug is one of the major and annoying pests in Dhaka city, especially, the old building. They can spread randomly from their residence to other spaces, can multiply very faster, and survive ten times more than any other pests.

Besides, using the best chemicals for eliminating the bed bug from your residence, exterminators of Classia educate people about the bed bug and their doings. We are always ready to fight against this annoying pest and bring your home comfortable again.

Bed Bug Control

Rodent Control

Mice, rat, and mole are the common rodents available in the Dhaka city. Rodents are not only spread disease but also destroy most of your household product like food, clothes, paper, etc. They are the most notorious neighbor of the people of Dhaka.

Classia offers the best rodent control service in Dhaka. Our exterminators are highly skilled to determine the movement route of rodents and set the traps in the correct position to get the best results.

Rodent Control

Termite Control

Rarely the termites transmit disease but they make your life worse by severe destruction of wooden furniture. Termites can destroy very costly and signature furniture within six months which may cause severe monetary loss.

Classia offers termite control in two ways. Our termite exterminator may suggest preventive action to exterminate the future loss or can stop the present termites’ activity inside your wooden furniture.

Termite Control

Additional Pest Control Services

  • Fire Ant Control
  • Flea & Tick Control
  • Stinging Insect Control
  • Scorpion Control
  • Insect Control

Strategic Home Pest Control Services in Dhaka

We have both outdoor and indoor pest control strategies which make us the complete pest control service near you.

Outdoor Pest Control Services

Classia Pest Control makes your home outside safe for you and kids by eliminating the noxious pests. We offer our service for removing the pest from the lawn, trees, garden, and anywhere outside your home. We are so skillful in this activity that within five years we become the trustworthy pest control Dhanmondi and pest control in Banani.

Indoor Pest Control Services

If it comes to controlling the indoor pest activity, we are proud to claim our superiority in it. Our skilled and trained exterminators are really good at abolishing most notorious and toxic pest promptly and effectively. Our team is very successful in tracking the movement route and estimating the pest population inside your house. Therefore, we are a step ahead for pest control than any other pest control service in Gulshan.

How the Best Home Pest Control Services in Dhaka Works

We follow the simple procedure to make a perfect solution as home pest control services in Dhaka. Mostly we start working from our client’s phone call. After getting the call, we fix an appointment to inspect the real scenario and fix our work plan based on the inspection result. Once we execute our plan, we ensure the elimination of the pest.

We also provide one-stop support to all of our clients. Our 24 hour pest control service is open for your emergency.

Best Pest Control near Me

Classia has become the best home pest control services in Dhaka within just five years from starting for professionalism, unique and effective services.

Therefore, to get the best home pest control service in Dhaka don’t hesitate to call on +8801711-309978 and make your home safe for you.