Need home remedies to get rid of rats you say? Well, rodents are always looking for shelter, and by shelter we mean our precious house or our organized office. But it hurts most when they are in our house. Who would want to see these pesky little creatures walking in and out of our house, doing whatever the heck the want without our permission?  Well, you should definitely call the rodent control to deal with them, but if you are lazy like me, then I think you will love these home remedies to get rid of them.

Home remedies to get rid of rats
Dead Rat

I present you 8 home remedies to get rid of rats. Requires only your household items and your effort. Don’t be lazy, try them out now. It will be fun watching them runaway from your house or watch them die. But do keep the rodent control in mind, you know they are a good backup.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint smells great and tastes good too, but they make you sneeze. Well unfortunately for those pesky rodents, it does more than just making them sneeze. Rats hate peppermint oil. It hurts their sense of smell, causing inflammation. And we all know that rodents rely on their sense of smelling. Just soak some cotton balls in peppermint oil and then put those cotton balls in their passageways. The peppermint will give them a bad time and it will discourage them to comeback. Just make sure to replace them every few days cause they dry out quickly.

Instant Potatoes

Instant potatoes have been through industrial processes and are dried and broken down to fragments. They need hot water or milk to be reconstructed. We know this but the rats don’t. Sprinkle some instant potatoes as bait for the rats. The rats will eat them but later the dried instant potatoes will start to reconstruct in their intestines using water in their body. This well cause swelling their intestines and cause pain to them. It will eventually kill them. An evil plan isn’t it?

Onion water

No one likes onions. They make us cry when we don’t want to. Well apparently it makes rodents cry too. Spray some onion dripped water in the pathways of rats and the pungent smell will keep them away. You can even add garlic to it to make it a lot worse for them. Rodents are good at smelling things, let’s use it then.

Mixing POP with Cocoa powder

Rats don’t eat POP which stands for Plaster of Paris. No one can eat it, it’s inedible. It is a building material in a powder form, it turns in to liquid when mixed with a liquid such as water. If we can mix it with something like cocoa powder to bait the rats to eat it, then that might be an effective way to get rid of rats. If rats eat this mix, it will start to form in to its liquid form by consuming water from the rat’s body. This will dehydrate the rat and it will also start to harden after that, which will swell up the rat’s intestine and eventually kill it.

Pepper powder

Peppers are hot. They burn our tongues. They burn rat tongues too (wink wink). Spray some pepper flakes or pepper powder in their pathways and it will effectively keep them away from your house. Be careful if you have pets or kids around the house. You don’t want them to be near the pepper powder.

Signs of Predators

Rats have predators like snakes, owl or raptors. Get some snake skin or owl feathers or raptor feathers and just leave them in their pathways. Once the rats see them, they will be terrified and will immediately leave the territory. It’s kind of like scaring them off. You could also just adopt a pet cat if you are in to cats.

Clove Oil

Rats and mouse don’t like cloves. The smell of it irritates them. Soak some worn out fabric in clove oil and put them in rat holes. The smell will turn them away and discourage them to comeback.

Ammonia Solution

Alright, by now you should have a clear understanding of the smelling power of mouse and rats. You should know that they have strong sense of smell. So anything smelly with a strong kick is something they do not like. And ammonia is a very strong solution. Sprinkle some ammonia water in their holes or pathways. You what will happen next, right?


Rats are smart but you are smarter. They seek shelter and food in our house. Give them more than what they wish for. They smell their way to your house. Give them the strongest smell of their life. Use their weapon against them. Or just call the pest control if you are lazy, which you probably are. But hey, thanks for reading.