Want to know how to get rid of termites? You have come to the right place. Termites are one of the hardest things to get rid of. These are the type of insects that can single-handedly destroy the foundation and structure of your house in a matter of time. They just keep munching and chewing their way inside the structures of the building. Termites do not stop in their track, no matter the season. This is why getting rid of them and making sure they never come back is very important. Here we will give you tips to get rid of termites at your home and we hope they will work out for you.

Before we get started with the tips of getting rid of termites, we first need to know how to track termite infestation.

Visible signs of infestation

Visible signs include sagging and uneven floors, holes in wooden structures and hollow areas in structural elements. Termites are very clever; they will always go for weak spots in the structure. They leave no chance to cause an infestation, so keep an eye out.

Termite Queen
Termite queen

Check wood strength and durability

Check the wooden doors, beams and pillars. Tap on the wooden surface of your door, is it soft? Can you easily push the surface with your finger? Do dark wooden dusts come off when you dust them or throw water at them? If the answer is yes to all of these then you might have termite problem. Check for muddy trails on the wall. They are clear indicators of termite presence.

Watch out for Termite droppings

Termites have dark brown color droppings. If you notice any dark brown sand like thing near any wooden structure, there is a chance that termites are already in it.

Termite hive
Termite hive

Termite hive

Check your backyard or corners of your house. If you are seeing the above mentioned signs, then there should be a termite hive nearby. Be careful though. Termites will become hostile if you try to harm their nest, because they want to protect their queen.

We hope now you know how to identify a termite infestation and where to look for it. Now we can begin with the tips on how to get rid of them.

Tips to Get Rid of Termites

Tip #1

Collect or buy beneficial nematodes. These are basically part of the worm species but are parasitic. Their primary hosts are small garden insects like termites. They target termite larvae, and takes over their body feasting on them. They usually cause death of the termite larvae in 2 days. When the host is dead they use their carcass as for breeding new eggs. You can buy these nematodes effectively if you have a garden.

Tip #2

Exposure to sunlight can literally kill any creepy crawler or dweller of the dark. Termites love staying in a dark and dam place., this is the reason why they burrow underground or inside wooden structures.

Exposure to sunlight can kill them. The sun’s heat and UV light radiation is enough to kill them and their larvae.

Termite Infestation
Termite Infestation

Tip #3

The opposite of tip #2, you can freeze the furniture or infestation area. You could use liquid nitrogen or just a fire extinguisher to freeze the infested area. Termite and their larvae are sensitive to quick temperature change. Tip #1 and tip #2 are very effective for this reason. But be careful with the liquid nitrogen method. They can cause some serious damage to human skin as well.

Tip #4

Use boric acid. We have talked about using boric acid in our cockroach guide on how to get rid of cockroaches at home. Boric Acid in general is a very effective tool to get rid of any insect infestation. The molecular structure of this chemical is very harmful and corrosive to the insect skin, which is actually very weak. It is even harmful to humans by the way.

After ensuring safety first, you can apply some boric acid in the termite infested area. A better way to do this is by drilling a hole in the furniture or structure where the infestation is. Pour some boric acid in there and just give it a few days. Repeat the process a few more times for more effectiveness. Look for new areas every time you do this.

Tips #5

Use termite control products. They are made to be effective in their task. They are marketed in almost every area. If you can’t find them in your local, just order online. Check the brand description when purchasing it. The product should come with its own instructions, so we are not going to say anything here. Just follow that.

Final Words

Termites can be seen as a great challenge. But if you stay calm, and use these tips you can get rid of them. But there is always an option to call the termite control for help. They don’t charge much, just give them a call for a quick inspection of your house or infested area. We hope the tips given above help you. Stay termite free and save your furniture or property. Thank you for reading.