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Are you searching for the best solution to save your products and materials of manufacturing, production and storage from destructive insects?

Are you looking for an experienced and echo friendly pest control service?

Classia pest control can be your trustable partner to ensure safe and healthy environment that leaves no adverse effect on human body.

Pests are unwanted guests for any industry. But these unwanted guests often take your peace away by making your diligence as their home. Therefore, you are always in need of the best industrial pest control services Dhaka.

Whatever the product you have manufactured in your premises, the pests can impact adversely on your manufacturing, storing, and distribution process. Pests can reduce productively and decrease profit margin. This may lead to a huge business loss.

Classia Pest Control becomes the best industrial pest control services Dhaka due to their proper understanding of pests and effective pest control techniques. Our trained exterminators are our strength for ensuring your comfort in pest free industry.

Why do you need Industrial Pest Control Services Dhaka?

You can find hundreds of reason to take the best industrial pest control service Dhaka. Classia tries to show some profitable reason for getting our services for your industries.

  • Increase productivity by creating a comfortable workplace for the coworkers
  • Higher the profit margin by saving unwanted loss caused by pests
  • Increase the number of working hours by reducing the number of sick leave
  • Save the history files of your business
  • Save the important document
  • Surpassing a successful clients audit

Area of Industrial Pest Control Expertise of Classia

Since 2014, Classia saves millions of dollar from pests for their industrial clients. Classia Pest Control delivers the best industrial, office, and home pest control service in Dhaka.

Till now, we provide the best industrial pest control services Dhaka in the following sectors of the industry-

  • Garments
  • Warehouse
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Government Premises
  • Hotels and Restaurants, etc

Like our standard service package, you can ask a tailored service package for you.

Common Industrial Pest Control Services Dhaka: Classia Offers

Classia has gained the top position as the best industrial pest control services Dhaka by creating signature pest control technique. Our most common industrial pest control in Bangladesh which helps to gain this position is-

Rodent Control

Classia has gained the top position as the best industrial pest control services Gulshan and Banani by creating signature pest control technique. Our most common industrial pest control in Bangladesh which helps to gain this position is-

Classia has the best rat exterminators in Bangladesh who can remove the rodent from your industry and re-establish your supremacy. Our strategic rat removal and mice control are so effective that the rodents dare to come back again soon. We do not only remove adult rodents but also destroy their offspring and eradicate their breeding places.

Rodent Control

Flies Control

Flies are very notorious to make your product unsafe to the user. It is also creating disgust to your clients and visitors. Flies bring thousands of diseases with them and spread them in any possible way to make you sick. Flies are the major source of contamination for food, water, and other elements. Not only human, but they also have a noxious impact on veterinary, poultry and other industries.

To keep you in a healthy and hygienic environment and make your industrial outcomes safe for the users, Classia offers the best industrial pest control services in Dhaka. Our flies control include reducing their adult population, destroying their eggs, and breeding place.

Flies Control

Worm Control

Soil worms are the largest threat for most of the industry of Bangladesh. They do not breed inside your industrial building. Worms come from drain line and gardens. They can take serious germs to your industry, contaminate your products’ hygiene and impact your business adversely. Peoples of your industry hates to their workplace for worm invasion. Agro-farming business is the most affected area for the worm.

Classia brings the first worm control for your industrial space to make it suitable for employees and products. Once we start our task, you will find comfort among your employee. We are very careful to keep them away for a long duration.

Worm Control

Cockroach Control

Another well-known industrial fiend is a cockroach. They are able to destroy almost anything in your industry. The cockroach does not only destroy goods in the industry, but also destroy the comfort of the workplace. Naturally, they are not visible in the presence of human and light. But when it comes dark, cockroach starts its notorious activity to destroy everything.

Classia Pest Control has the updated equipment, chemicals, and skilled exterminators to eliminating the cockroach entirely from your industry in a way they do not come back with many months. We do not only terminate the adult parts but also destroy the eggs to remove them effectively for a long time.

Cockroach Control

Other Popular Industrial Pest Control Services Dhaka

We are also offering a few other industrial pest control services like-

  • Termite Control
  • Ant Control
  • Spider Control
  • Lizard Control
  • Mosquito Control
  • Snake Control, etc.

Why Classia is unique as Industrial pest control services Dhaka?

  • Educated, skilled and trained industrial pest exterminator familiar with local pest control
  • Experienced chemist to make the effective eradication chemical which is safe for human
  • Create a detailed pest audit report in a presentable way to show your clients
  • Understand the importance of pest control for clients audit and provide support with appropriate documentation
  • Keep the track record of used strategies for each client
  • High-quality industrial pest control services Dhaka at the lowest price
  • Instructing clients about the identification of pests’ presence and prompt action

How the Best Industrial Pest Control Services Dhaka work?

Our local pest control team knows well about the characteristics of industrial pests in Bangladesh. Therefore, Classia can suggest and implement the most proven method for industrial pest control. Our simple but effective industrial pest control services Dhaka follow the simple procedure.

Most of our industrial clients’ sign a commercial and technical agreement, which include our schedule of work throughout the year to make their space free from any kind of unwanted pests.

Contact with the Industrial Pest Control Services in Dhaka

Within five years of starting, we have increased our satisfied clients’ number 100+ who takes regular services from us.

Not only for Industries but also we provide the best office pest control services in Dhaka.

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