Pest Control in Banani

Have you been feeling stressed out lately for the annoying guests that crawl around your house? 

Are you sleep-deprived because of the little monstrous friends that keep on biting you? 

Has it been embarrassing for you to invite guests over because of the roaches that have been crawling on your furniture? 

Well, worry no more as our pest control team in Banani is getting into some action for the evil guests who are residing down your kitchen sink, into the cabinets, inside of the mattresses and in the small holes around your house. Classia Pest Control has been rated as one of the most efficient and safe pest exterminators in Dhaka. We doesn’t only control your pests but looks for it, hunts for it finds it and eliminates it. Unlike other pest-controlling services, Classia does not use harmful pesticides and fumigation to suppress insects. We have a much safer version of pest exterminators that will relieve your stress from having your family members, especially the little ones from having to breathe in a toxic environment. Our eco-friendly pest controlling methods will ensure you a much safer place to breathe in. So you can sit back and relax. Our pest controlling team investigates for pests in your house much like an officer that looks for pieces of evidence. We find them and they bid their goodbyes to your house. No one is better trained than Classia for keeping your house out of pests.

Pest Control in Banani

Our services have so much to offer. We ensure the best quality at the most affordable rates. Our exterminating team is amiable and provides super-fast services. We train them regularly so there are zero chances that you will unsatisfied with our pest controlling service. Depending on the condition of your house, we divide our work accordingly. Our team will first make a visit to your house for brief analysis and blueprint a plan on how your pests should be handled. We have a 24 hours pest controlling service so the timings will be at your convenience.

We have a range of different services for various types of pests. The following list may give you a better analysis of the different services we provide.

Mouse Control

If there’s one thing that is not so cute having to live with in real life but in animated films are mice! Mice can be extremely stressful to handle due to the foul-smelling secretion they produce. They live in dark dusty places and bites off almost everything in your house. Including wood, fabrics, plastics, papers and even electrical cables and pieces of machinery. Not only have that mice even sniffed on the food that you store.

Classia Pest Control offers the pest controlling service in Banani and other places around Dhaka. Our faithful pest controlling team investigates for the mice and exterminates them. When Classia is in your house, mice fears. No one is better trained than our team to protect your house from mice.

Flies Control

During the warmer seasons, it is almost impossible to keep out of flies. Especially in a country like Bangladesh where the climate is much warmer, flies are going to reside there. Flies can be very annoying and they nibble on your food and spreads bacteria on the food we eat that can often lead to bacteria if you intake it. Are flies still buzzing around your ears? Give a quick call to Classia Pest Control service and we will be right at your door. Our well-trained and amiable team exterminates the production of flies in your house and relieves you from the stress of buzzing them around your house.

Bugs Control

Bugs are of many types and can harm you if not controlled. Bugs such as Bed bugs, leeches, termites and many others can often be very dangerous if they bit you. Some even spread many parasites into your body that can even lead to death! If you have been stressed out at work, feeling fatigued due to sleep deprivation caused by devilish bed bugs that keep you up all night. Then it is time you make a call at Classia Pest control Service. Classia is the super-hero that saves the day by keeping your house and your family out of bed bugs. We are not only efficient but also reliable with the safe and eco-friendly fumigation and pesticides we use. Therefore, letting you breathe in a much safer and comforting environment.

Mosquitoes Control

In recent times, there has been a hype with the Aedes mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are not only annoying but also are harmful. They insect blood from your skin and injects parasites into your body. Many people have died in recent times due to dengue spread by these mosquitoes. Children and Adults both in danger if they do not do anything about it. Mosquitos sirens around your ears? Classia Pest control provides the safest pest controlling service at the cheapest rates in Banani. Our eco-friendly fumigation and extermination methods keep out from bugs while ensuring a much safer environment for you to breathe. Our trust-worthy team exterminates the production of the mosquitoes at super-fast service.

Cockroaches Control

Cockroaches are equivalent to a nightmare. These creepy and nasty insects crawl around your house, secrets on your dishes and nibbles on your food. Not only that, they even bite off papers, fabrics and leave dirty stains. Their stinky smell and ugly looking bodies can give anyone a heartache if they fly around.

Luckily, Classia Pest Controlling service is here to wake you from your nightmares and give you the opportunity to roam around your house without the fear of bumping into giant Mr. RoachCoach! Our team investigates, finds and bid farewell to these nasty little creatures that have been disturbing your healthy lifestyle. Our pesticides and fumigations are eco-friendly. Therefore, you can sit back and relax after our service and breathe in a much safer environment.