Pest Control Service in Gulshan

Are you having nightmares of cockroaches flying around your face at night? Do you get to work late due to sleep-deprivation caused by the mischievous bed bugs? Well, you might just have to know that you are absolutely at the right spot. Welcome to Classia Pest Control, your rescuer from the evil pests that have been residing in your house like it’s theirs.

Having pests in your house can be so nerve-wracking that you might even just want to move out. But not anymore though! As our best-controlling team in Gulshan investigates your house and gives a quick analysis of where the pests are residing in your house.

Our workers are well trained and work just like a CID officer would investigate for clues. We don’t look for pests, we hunt them. No one is better trained than Classia to ensure that you are safe from the dangers of the despicable little creatures. Our extermination methods are very eco-friendly. The fumigations we use aren’t harmful at all. So not only we relieve from pests and insects but also ensure that you and your family members have a much safer environment to breathe in.

Pest Control in Gulshan

We have all kinds of services for different types of pests. Below is a list of the following services we provide:

Mouse Control

Mice might seem cute in animated films but not really in real life. Your children might actually be scared to find that out. Mice bits off almost every little thing in your house. From papers, plastics, fabrics, woods to even food and Electrical machines and wires. They spread diseases wherever they nibble. Sometimes they might even bite you which can lead to serious injuries and even death!

Do mice run here and there in your house? Give a quick call at Classia Pest Control. Our faithful team of pest control guarantees you the best service at the most affordable prices. Our pesticides and fumigations aren’t harmful at all. Unlike other pest-controlling methods, we have a much safer process and ensure that you can still breathe into the fresh air in your house.

Flies Control

If you have been struggling with keeping up with flies then it is time you consider giving a call to Classia Pest Control. We are the best pest controlling service in Gulshan 1 & Gulshan 2 and other places in Dhaka. Our extermination methods are harmless and give you a much safer environment to breathe. We don’t use toxic chemicals and ensure that you are safe from the hands of these awful creatures.

Bugs Control

Bugs and leeches are the second most annoying thing after cockroaches. Not only annoying bugs like bed bugs can even kill if not controlled! Many people suffer from sleep deprivation due to bed bugs. Not only that, bed bugs bit into your skin suck out blood, which can inject parasites into your body. These can often lead to skin allergies, skin cancer or even death. Bed bugs in your mattress? Give a quick call to Classia Pest control, the most reliable team of pest control in Gulshan 1 & Gulshan 2. Our well-trained team investigates your house just like a police offer looks out for pieces of evidence. We don’t look out for bed bugs, we hunt them. Say goodbye to bed bugs when you are with Classia Pest Control.

Mosquitoes Control

Mosquitoes are one of the tiniest yet the most harmful insects. They suck out blood from your skin and inject parasites which lead to diseases like Malaria and dengue. Your children could be in danger if you don’t do something about the mosquitoes that fly around your house.

If you have been worried about having mosquitoes in your house then it is time you consider giving a call at Classia Pest control. We are one of the most faithful and reliable pests controlling the team in Gulshan. Our eco-friendly methods of extermination don’t harm your environment and keep you out of dangerous mosquitoes.

Cockroaches Control

Cockroaches define nightmares. Even adults get shivers looking at cockroaches. It crawls around your house and spreads germs in your dishes, cupboards, and your cabinets. It bites off paper, fabrics and even nibbles in your food. Cockroaches are extremely dangerous yet nasty. If you have been suffering from these roaches then give Classia Pest control a quick call. We are the best pest controlling team in Gulshan. We have a team of faithful and sincere workers who are specially trained to exterminate the pests in your house and provide you comfort. Our services are affordable yet our extermination methods are harmless. Therefore, we do not only ensure you’re your house is pest-free but also provide you a safer environment to breathe.