Rodent Control Service in Dhaka

Rodent Control Service in Dhaka
Rodent Control Service in Dhaka

If your house is invaded by rodents, you need rodent control service in Dhaka in order to eliminate the rodents. The main types of rodents are, mice and rats. Whenever you see these at your house, you need to get rodent control ASAP. If they start growing their family, well, you are doomed. These unwanted pests can consume up to 40 grams of food every day on their own. Imagine a whole family of rats strolling your kitchen at midnight in search of food.

Diseases caused by Rodents

Rodents just like any other pests can also spread diseases that are very much fatal for human beings. These diseases can make you sick for a long time and also cause other fatalities. How do these creatures spread diseases? Very simple. They go on a food hunt on your kitchen. That is how they get in touch with your food that you eat later on. Rodents travel and come from places like the sewers where God knows how many bacteria and viruses are living. Rodents get in touch with those diseases spreading agents and enters your kitchen. And that is how you are infected. Here are some of the diseases caused by rodents.

  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome
  • Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome
  • Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis
  • Rat-bite-fever
  • Lassa Fever
  • Leptospirosis
  • Plague
  • Tularemia

Damages caused by Rodents

Rodents not only spread diseases by contaminating the food, but also can harm you in many other ways. For example, rodents that live in your house can bite and tear up your favourite dresses and clothes. They also bite wires of your electronics and make you spend on some expensive repairs.

Rats and mice can cause a lot of damage to crops. Statistics from research shows that rodents in Bangladesh actually destroys crops of about 16% annually. This causes huge damage to the farmers and their crop production.

In terms of industrial damage, rodents play a part there as well. They contaminate the chemicals in the industrial plants that makes the yielded product contaminated. This can cause huge losses for an industry as chemicals can be quite expensive.

Why do Rodent Control service?

Well if you have gone through the above paragraph then you by now know that you need rodent control service to save a lot of things. If you are a household person, you need to save your clothes from getting holed by rats.

Also, you need to save your electronic gadgets to save expenses on repairs. Not to forget the food contamination by them and the diseases they offer.

If you are a farmer or you are into agricultural business, you have to save your crops from getting damaged which you put you at a loss.

If you have a chemical industry, you must do rodent control in order to stop your expensive chemicals being destroyed by these furry devils.

Why choose us for Rodent control?

You need professionals like us to help you deal with these diseases spreading devils that invades your house, farmlands, and industries. Our methods have proven to get rid of these rodents with a 100% success rate.
We use methods that are very much safe and environmentally friendly. Our anti-rodent chemicals won’t harm you or your chemicals, crops and other valuables.

We are very precise in locating the source of the rodents and exterminating them from the root.

We are your most reliable rodent control service provider in Dhaka without a doubt.