Termite Control Service in Dhaka

termite control in Dhaka
termite control in Dhaka

What are termite?

If your house is invaded by termites, then you should immediately do termite control in Dhaka to get your house free of these wood eating pests. Termites live in colonies and are also known ask social insects. They emerge from the ground in to houses and offices and vows to destroy your wooden souvenirs.

Termites are like ninjas. They enter your into the wooden structures in houses and offices without being seen or detected by the naked eye. They are successful in doing so as they slowly crawl their way in to your homes and workplaces. Termites use the hidden paths of the floors and the walls that help them stay undetected.

Types of Termites

Shockingly, unwanted pests like termite are also of different types. Most people who are looking for termite control deals with the following types of termite.

  • Drywood Termite
  • Dampwood Termite
  • Subterranean Termite
  • Formosan Termite

Damages caused by Termites

Termites are the kind of insects that can ruin your favourite furniture. And why is that? Well, termites are the kind of pests that are attracted towards anything made of cellulose. This is their primary food. Cellulose. They attack on almost all types of wood by feeding on them. Some tropical species of woods are left out. But the point is, the most common type of wood they feed on are used to make our household furniture and office furniture or accessories.

Importance of Termite Control in Dhaka

Termite control needs to be done in order to save your expensive wooden frameworks. Once your house or office is invaded by termites, there is no mercy for the wooden items in our house. Termites can very well destroy a furniture in matter of just 5 to 6 months, leaving you in a serious financial loss. Thus now you understand the importance of termite treatment.

Also, termites can build their own colony inside your wooden furniture. If termite control is not done in time, then you are just allowing them to expand their population with all the favorable conditions they need to expand their population. With a growing population, your expenses for fixing your furniture would also go up. Fixing furniture can take a chunk out of your savings. Better to take a termite treatment and save all those money.

Why choose us for Termite Treatment?

The exterminators that our company has are very much aware on how to detect these microscopic wood eating ninjas. When it comes to termite control service, no one can beat our exterminators. The following will help you understand more why you should go with our termite control service

  • We are very professional with our service and also when it comes to handling clients.
  • We keep our commitments that we give when it comes to exterminating pests and therefore trustworthy.
  • Environmental friendly services that will only get rid of pests and not harm others.
  • Cost effective packages for you to get rid of unwanted visitors and save money.

Well now you understand to the full extent of what these termites can do to your wooden valuables. So wait no longer if your wooden furniture are being invaded by these wood eaters. Call us today and get the best termite control in Dhaka and once again get a chance to stay tension free.