The environmental impact on Dhaka in Eid-ul-Adha as a religious festival is the most notable of all religious festivals as Bangladeshi Muslims offer sacrifice to the mighty Allah in this event. As this sacrificial ritual takes place the entire country gets filled with the blood of the sacrificed animals. This blood, feces, discarded skin, flesh, and guts scatter around everywhere as the slaughter feast runs for a whole day. If the materials are untreated it can cause massive environmental pollution and nature responds to it by sending its cleaning squad, pests. Unfortunately in Dhaka this mess gets untreated every year and takes one whole month to clean up the city. As this mess attracts a lot of pests, near-by houses become difficult to stay in. How will you deal with this mess? Just call the pest control services near you.

Impact on Dhaka in Eid-ul-Adha

In Eid-ul-Adha the situation always gets messy, especially in Dhaka, every year. It always has been. The City Corporation cleans up the mess every year, but by the time they take action, the pests are already in action. Even though this year is going to be different because of the Covid-19 virus pandemic, many people will still try to practice the ritual this year. The Bangladesh Government gave total permission to carry on the festival and the ritual with safety precautions. So expect a messy street even this year.

Streets after Kurbani in Eid-ul-Adha
Streets after kurbani in Eid-ul-Adha

There’s going to be blood in the streets that roll down to the sewer, animal guts are lying on the street will which attract dogs, cats, crows, and rodents. Animal feces are everywhere and leftover animal foods start to rot too. The entire country gets messy and Dhaka the center of the country becomes really polluted. The whole city becomes stained with the smell of animal blood and feces. Some homeowners do their part in cleaning, but the majority don’t. Whether they clean the mess or not, the blood-stained feces and guts end up in the sewer anyway. This attracts even more pests.

Mosquitoes and flies are going to be the main problem. The smelly streets are going to be their party center for flies occasionally they will enter your house. The smelly sewers that are now jam-packed with animal blood and feces material are going to be the perfect place for mosquito breeding ground. Untreated feces and guts will attract cockroaches as well as their predators. Millipedes will come looking for wasted animal food while venomous centipedes will come looking for them. And yes occasionally they will enter your house.

What can the Pest Control do in this Situation?

Well, the whole city is going to be crawling with pests that’s for sure. Think about it, it will be Eid eve and you will probably be busy with enjoying yourself, your friends and relatives. You would not have the time to deal with pests anyway and besides, why should you. Just let professionals handle it. You go have your fun and enjoy the festival, while the pest control manages things for you. So consider contacting one or get an appointment before-hand.


Think about it, pest control services exists only for our benefits. It lives to serve us, in whatever situation we are in. If you think in this perspective, then you should take this service. In the Eid eve you should definitely take this service, because why stress yourself. You might be reading this article in a time after Eid, but it doesn’t matter, because the main concept of the article will stay. And Eid is obviously going to come again next year. So think about it.