There are things that rats can chew through easily and if your house or furniture is made out of these materials then you are in trouble. We all know that rats love to chew on stuffs. They have an ever growing pair of teeth in front of their mouth both upper and lower part of the jaw. Rats need to continuously chew through any kind of material to break off excess part of their teeth. It’s like our finger nails. We have to cut off our nails weekly in order to keep them trimmed and usable. For rats a well trimmed pair of front teeth is very useful for them as they can easily close their jaw, it is also a sign of attractiveness when they search for potential mates. Here we will discuss some of the materials that rats can easily chew on and you should avoid buying furniture or household stuffs made out of these materials.

Things rats can easily chew through
Rat teeth

Before we begin with the understanding and detail of their teeth, we would like to tell you that if you are having difficulty dealing with rats, you can call our rodent control service any time you want. Our service is open all the time except for weekends and holidays. You should always let experts deal with difficult situation. We hope your situation is not so intense and as a reason you came to our website to learn simple things about rats. But if situation gets out of hand, you know who to call.

Understanding a Rat’s Teeth

Rat teeth in their front side are also known as incisors. Only rodents have it. It is a special symbol of their species. Rat incisors are ever growing. They never stop growing and rats always have to chew through something to keep down and trimmed.

Materials Rats can Chew

Here is a list of materials that rats chew on. As a matter of fact rats can easily chew on these materials. Because rats need to continuously chew on something to keep their teeth trimmed, they need something that doesn’t wear off easily but not impossible to chew. Something that they can come back to, every night, to chew off.

Materials such as :

  1. Wood (plywood)
  2. Concrete and Cement
  3. Soft Plastic (like plastic bag or wiring)
  4. Red Brick
  5. Copper and Lead
  6. Wet stones and Cinder Blocks
  7. Asbestos

Rats can easily chew through these materials. They even prefer to look for these materials. So things made of these materials are at risk of rats.

Materials Rats can’t Chew

Rats cannot chew through everything. There are materials that are hard for the rat to chew on. Rats simply don’t have the strength to chew on these materials. Such as:

  1. Thick Plastic
  2. Glass
  3. Metal
  4. Some Window Screens
  5. Door Sweeps

These materials are hard for rats to chew on. Materials like these can prevent rats from coming back inside the house. When they will see materials that are not chewable or really hard to chew, they will be discouraged to come back in to the house.

Final Words

You can discourage rats from coming in to your house if you have these materials in your house. Furniture built by these materials, are hard for rats to chew. Rats won’t be able to come in do whatever they want in your house. Look for these type of materials when buying stuffs and stay rat free.