Before you learn what is rodent control and its tactics, we would like you to learn about rodent themselves. They are one of the most annoying things in a house or a office. Rodents are extremely hard to get rid of. The common house mouse, sewer rats, mole rats are mostly familiar to us. And although these are the ugly ones, there are cute and cuddly ones like hamsters and guinea pigs. More or less they are all over the society and they put huge impact in our lives.

What is rodent control?
Rodent control

The term “Rodent” comes from Latin word “rodere”, which means “to gnaw”. They are part of the mammal family tree of the Rodentia order. They are characterized by a single pair of continuously growing incisors in between their teeth in both the upper and lower parts of the jaws. Of all the mammal species, rodents cover about 40%. They have specific 2,542 species all around the world except for Antarctica. Antarctica is a lonely place, nobody lives there.

Not all species of rodents are terrible and ugly, there are cute ones out there. Today we are going to talk about how you can deal with the ugly ones. Specifically how rodent control deals with these ugly pests.

How Pest Control Deals with Rodents?

Alright now that we have got everything covered up about rodents, it’s time to talk about how you can deal with rodents. By you, we mean the pest control. Listen, the pest control has some special strategies to deal with rodents. Below we are going to talk about the strategies or tactics they use to deal with rodents. Hopefully these will help you too, to understand more about the behavior of rodents.

  • Seek and hunt

One thing the pest control professionals are really good at, is the ability to find out where the rodents are hiding. Identify their hiding spots, marking their passage ways and figuring out what is luring them. These are the strategical steps that the pest control takes to seek and trap or kill the rodents. Sometimes they would use traps or poison, but most of the time what they would do is destroy the rodent hideout. By destroying the rodent hideout they can ensure that the rodents won’t came back. Also it is a very effective method.

  • Using modern traps

The modern approach of dealing with rodent is using modern traps. Because modern problems, requires modern solution. Well technically, the rodent problem isn’t really a modern problem. Rodents have been annoying to us ever since the cave man era, and has been causing damage to us for the longest time in history. Human civilization has been making a lot of rodent traps since the pre-industrial era. All of those have contributed to the making of modern traps.

Anyway, pest control services nowadays use these modern traps to kill or trap rodents. Most of these traps are electrical. They require no extensive installation process. They are very easy to use and require simple baits. Yet they are very effective. Electrical traps use a very low voltage shock that paralyzes the rodent, but does no harm to humans. The pest control can then decide to kill the rodent or set it free, but most of the time they just kill the rodent to make sure they never comeback.

  • Bringing in the predators

Rodents are creatures of prey. And their predators are snakes, raptors, mongoose and even cats. House-hold kitties can catch rodents and kill them, but not effective. Snakes are great hunters of rodents, but they are too dangerous to humans as well. One very effective way to hunt down and kill an entire colony of rats is by bringing a mongoose to the party. Mongooses are very fast, ferocious, carnivorous and very effective at killing large group of rodents or small creatures. Rodents are terrified of them. It is not advised to bring in mongooses in a house, because they can cause a lot of damage to human property as well. But in large barns or farm houses they are extremely effective. Some pest controls especially in the rural areas use this method of getting rid of rodents, not in city though.


Now that you know about rodents and how pest control deal with them, you decide how you want to deal with them. Rodents should not be ignored. If you spot one, take actions immediately. And if your house is already infested with rodents, just give pest control a call. If not, then just use regular traps or poison. They work fine too. But calling the pest control is a better option as they will ensure rodents never come back. If you are hesitant and not sure whether to call them or not, you can always ask for a free quote.