So, what’s pest control? Some think of guys who exterminate annoying bugs or insects that can destroy our furniture, mess up our house, can potentially be harmful to us, and just be blatantly annoying. Now, what is a pest? Any insect or wildlife acknowledged as annoying in nature, untamed and simply not worth the time, invades people’s privacy, damages resources, houses or businesses, or carries a high chance of transmitting a viral disease is considered as “pest”. Pest management or control is the process of managing, controlling, or eradicating pests from human habitats by the use of precisely planned methods. The people who are an expert in this knowledge and provide services are called the pest control or bug exterminators.

The Right Way of Managing Pests

There are a number of methods that can be used to manage or control pests. Eradicating pests often sounds like a good idea, but that is not humane. There are ethical approaches available in handling these wild lives. Some approaches require using sound, some use smoke, some require changing temperature or a shift in furniture and resources to repel pests from coming back to the property or preventing damage to resources. Killing doesn’t always have to be the answer. Complete eradication of pests might not always be possible, but the prevention of pests from causing further damage should always be preferred.

Pest control service
Pest control service

Professionals Handle it Better

Seeking for food and shelter is the primary survival instinct of these wildlife animals. Causing harm, damaging resources or just simply being an annoying pest is not their ideal thought. These less intelligent creatures only do what they need to do for survival, it is we who find them disturbing (Well they cause diseases too, but that’s not their intention). We as high intelligent creatures must understand their survival nature and make adjustments in our own habitats, from the help of someone who knows them better. This is where the question comes, “who is an expert in bugs?”Obviously it’s the Pest Control Of course! They know pests better than anyone.

Classia Pest control explains what pest control is

A professional pest control service providing agency can help a great deal in preventing, controlling, or eradicating the infestation or spreading of pest colony. Simple homeowners fail to point out pest hideouts. Only trained professionals can accomplish such tasks.

Tasks like:

  1. Pointing out where pests are coming from
  2. Identification of the level of the pest
  3. Dealing with any pests that is already existing in the house, office or anywhere
  4. Measuring the amount of damage due to pests
  5. Regular repelling to help prevent pest
  6. Cut off or seal off entry points that are easy to access for pests to our house.


Pest control services will often use repellent, pesticides or other tools or traps or baits to prevent pests. In case the pest is just and animal, they will simply capture the animal and release it elsewhere. The most inhumane approach is the use of toxic on little creatures or flamethrower on hives of pest. This way, pests will be completely eradicated from that area and the chance of coming back in the future is greatly reduced, but from moral standpoint it is wrong. That being said, if you are someone who is living in Dhaka, Bangladesh, there is a pest control services near you. It doesn’t cost much for service and provides great quality. Consider giving them a call.