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If you’re in need of the best pest control service in Dhaka, Bangladesh, undoubtedly, Classia is the right option. Keep pest away from your home and workplace to maintain a clean and healthy life. 

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About Classia Pest Control

Does the bed bug make your life struggling, cockroach make home scary, or uncountable rats make drive your business in loss? No matter where the pest is, our industry and home pest control services in Dhaka can bring relief in your life. Regardless of the type of pest, rodent, bug, ant, or insects, etc. our termite treatment can remove them effectively.

Since 2014, we have been working hard to provide world-class pest control service to make your home and office healthy and safe. Once we accept the contract, we not only eliminate the rodent, termite, bug, and insects but also prevent their return to your space.

We provide 100% assurance that you will not find any pest infestation in the near future. As a result, we have created over 100 satisfied clients within this small time.

Once you start using our service, in necessity the best pest control service near me always reminds you about Classia Pest Control. Our 24-hour pest control service is ready to help you in an emergency. Our professional pest control experts are familiar with local pest control regulations which you can rely on.

Based on the types of pest we offer both chemical and organic pest control solution. Having material safety data sheet for the chemical we use, makes us the best pest control company in Bangladesh.

Licensed Pest Control Services

Classia Pest Control is proud to achieve the trust among people as the best home pest control services in Dhaka within just five years tenure. We use eco-friendly pest control technique that work for a long period.

Reliable pest control service is essential for proper office management. We offers guaranteed office pest control services to bring comfort back in your office and helps to improve productivity.

We have modern pest control equipment, and safe  eco-friendly chemicals to protect your business environment. Classia Pest Control service provides the best industrial pest control services in all over the Dhaka city.

If your house is invaded by termites, then you should immediately do termite control in Dhaka to get your house free of these wood eating pests.

Cockroach control means exterminating cockroaches from your house, workplace, or any other place that is infested by cockroaches.

If your house is invaded by rodents, you need rodent control service in Dhaka in order to eliminate the rodents. The main types of rodents are, mice and rats.

Pest Control customer review

After struggling for a few months with Cockroach and mice, I’ve decided to hire a professional pest control service near me. I’ve contacted with few pest control companies in Dhaka among them Classia Pest Control shows the true professionalism and skill in chalk out the reason and remedy. Till then it’s my third year with them. Now I can undoubtedly say that Classia is the best pest control Dhanmondi I’ve ever worked with.

Sakib Chowdhury

pest control customer review

Cockroach and mice make my restaurant unhygienic and I was about to stop my food shop after a decade of business success. Thanks to Classia Pest Control for their outstanding support in eradicating the pests completely from my kitchen within two days.

Farhad Reza

pest control customer review

At midnight I wake up from bed with a bite and it continued for three to four days before suddenly I discover it was a bed bug who repeatedly take my sleep away. I’ve sprayed some solution available in a pesticide shop. But after a week I felt the same bite. Then I’ve started searching best pest control near me. Classia makes a quick inspection and takes a perfect measure which eradicates the bed bug completely. They haven’t returned even after nine months. I am completely satisfied with their performance.

Rayhan Ahmed

What is Pest Control?

Pest control is the management of the pest population to a certain limit or eradicates them which was causing difficulty to a human being. The pest control can be done through using chemical, natural compound or mechanical devices.

In the home, office and industrial environment, the pests are different from the cultivation land or garden. In these areas, the main pests are rodent, mice, flies, termite, mosquito, cockroach, birds and various other insects. As these places are different from others, the industrial pest control services Dhaka is different from the home pest control services in Dhaka. Similarly, the office pest control service is different from others.

Moreover, there is various seasonal variation in the pest population. Like you will find an uncountable number of flies in the home or the industrial area in the Spring and Summer while there is an increase in the rodent infestation in Autumn.

Again, the bed bugs increase in number in the Winter and Rainy Season. There are several other examples in the change in the population of pests. There is another important thing that pests change their movement route in a different season.

The pest control system is also different for managing the pest population. The concentration of chemicals and the number of traps also vary depending on the population and season.

Pest Control Service in Dhaka

Pest Control Service in Dhaka

Classia Pest Control has the expertise to handle each separate control mechanism skillfully and effectively. We are very careful about the seasonal variation, movement route, chemical use, and trap positioning. Ultimate care in each step of professional pest control makes us the best pest control company in Bangladesh.

Classia Pest Control has a mechanical, chemical and organic pest control system to eradicate the deadly pest from your home, office, and industry. Our trained exterminator inspects your location prior to advising any remedies. As we determine the pest groups and population first, we have always closed the deal with success. Our 100% satisfied clients’ community drive us in the leading position of the pest control service in Gulshan. Today, we bring 100+ cluster of smiles in the industrial and residential sector.

Why Pest Control is important?

Pests carry disease which invested in your food by contamination your home or office kitchen, bedroom, store. They can bite you or your kids which may bring disaster in your life. Specific pests act as a specific carrier of the diseases.

Rat Control/ Mice Control

Rat/ Mice is a treat for your home, industry, and office. Rat/ Mice carries a large number of deadly disease like Plague, Rat Bite Fever, Tularemia, Salmonella, Hantavirus, etc. Most of this disease spread either by rat’s bite or rat contaminated food ingestion. Rat control/ Mice control is therefore very important to keep you safe for various Disease.

Ant Control

Ant has an important role in spreading bacterial diseases like Salmonella, Shigella, E. coli, Streptococcus, etc. Few species have dangerous venom that can cause shock to a healthy individual. But ants are more notorious in destroying foods, households, papers, furniture, clothes, etc. Therefore, you should appoint an ant exterminator for ant control from your location.

Bug Control

Different bugs affect you in different ways. Besides spreading various bacterial diseases, termites destroy your wooden furniture from the inside. Again the bed bug has very annoying bites which may cause anemia. Both the bugs must destruct your sleep and keep you awake at night. Therefore, bug control, particularly termite control and bed bug control is undoubtedly urgent for living in peace.

Mosquito Control

Mosquito is the most deadly and notorious insect in recent Bangladesh. Various types of mosquito species carry a number of deadly and painful disease which brings emergency condition in recent years. The diseases include Chikungunya, Dengue, Malaria, Filariasis, etc. Mosquito control is in most important for live a healthy life.

Flies Control

Flies have the worst reality than the other pests. From lethal to normal, flies transmit all short of disease. In Spring and Summer, they become real trouble for Bangladesh. In other season, flies are available in large quantity in the industrial area of Bangladesh especially in the fish feed, poultry, jute mills, and pharmaceutical industries, etc. Therefore, seasonal flies control is important for home but regular management is vital for industries.

Pest Control Company

Pest Control Company in Dhaka

Benefit of Using the Pest Control Service

Professional and Trustworthy

Classia Pest Control is very professional to clients handling and honor commitments. Therefore, we become trustworthy to our clients.

Familiar with Controlling Any Pest

Our experts are very professional in managing any kind of pests. Our exterminators are familiar with seasonal variation and updated pest control mechanism.

Pest Inspection

Our unique service is providing a survey of pest before determining the required technique and quantity of solution required. Therefore, we have never failed in determining the correct strategies.

Work Assurance

Our team uses the state of the art technologies for pest control. We have also trained them regularly. Therefore, we provide 100% work satisfaction assurance.

Eco-friendly and Safe

Classia Pest Control uses eco-friendly chemical, organic molecules, and mechanical devices for pest management. We follow the material safety sheet strictly while preparing the spray or fumigation solution.

Reasonable Cost

We are offering the best quality pest control services in Dhaka at a very reasonable price. Therefore, most of our clients are taking our services repeatedly for years.

24/7 Hour Pest Control

Classia Pest Control is different from others for the 24 hour pest control service. We are your trusted partner in emergency and ready to help you in any situation.

Is Pest Control safe?

Expert exterminators can make a risky job safely. Most of the chemicals are toxic. Hence, the expert hand is essential to handle these chemicals. If there is a mistake in handling it can create a disaster.

So, we conduct regular training and workshop among our exterminators to make pest control in a safer way. Our professional pest control experts are very careful in their jobs and our management has strict supervision on their activity.

We always use the safe concentration of chemicals according to the material safety sheet. During preparing the fumigation or spraying solution we consider the safety margin for kids and pets.

pest control in Dhaka

How We Become the Best Pest Control Service in Dhaka?

Classia Pest Control has been established from necessity. We have observed a lacking in qualified and skilled exterminator in the service where they can stand for their task and give comfort to people.

With the motto of making pest free perimeter, we have started our journey. After a few days of starting, we find an outstanding scope for professional pest control experts in the industrial pest control services Dhaka.

Very few of our competitors offer quality office pest control services which broaden our vision towards reaching the top.

Instead of relying on fate for using chemicals, we have started the pest inspection system for selecting infallible strategies for insect control and utilize each drop of chemicals. Proper inspection and correct strategic decision make us the best Pest Control service in Banani. We offer the first ever office or industry pest control inspection services in Bangladesh.

We have great knowledge about the seasonal insects in Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka. Therefore, we can suggest the right pest termite treatment for you and prove our self very effective in rat control, mice control, ant control, and bug control, etc.

Best Price for the Global Standard Pest Control Service

We also provide the high quality pest control services in Dhaka at the best affordable price which is incomparable with anyone. We rationalize our service price which ensure the perfect utilization of each taka you invest. This cost accounting for the best quality pest control service makes us trustworthy and dependable to our clients. If you need a cheap pest control service near you, Classia will always be upfront.