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About Us

Classia Pest Control is a Malaysian-based pest control company based in Kuala Lumpur. We are a family-run business with more than 15 years of experience in pest control. We specialize in professional pest control solutions and strive to provide excellent customer service to our clients.

Our main goal is to provide safe, effective, and environmentally friendly pest control services to both residential and commercial customers. We are fully licensed and insured to provide our services throughout the region.

Who We Are

Since our founding in 1991, Classia Pest Control has been committed to providing safety and peace of mind for our customers by connecting them with the highest quality of pest control solutions. Our experience and knowledge have grown over the years, allowing us to stay on top of industry developments and maintain a full suite of services to protect businesses and homes throughout Kuala Lumpur.

At Classia Pest Control, we strive to exceed customer expectations while offering affordable prices at all times. We are a client-centric organization that values trust and respect above all else. Our experienced team offers a personalized experience focusing on custom solutions tailored to each individual’s needs. We prioritize safety first when it comes to dealing with any type of pests or nuisance wildlife, as well as addressing any other issues that may arise whenever necessary.

We use advanced technologies like traps, low-toxicity baits, monitoring systems, fogging equipment and more in order to treat insect infestations quickly and responsibly. Our pest management professionals are highly trained in using these tools efficiently and safely ensuring that successful removal is achieved without compromising the eco-system or the health of people living inside or near an affected area. We take pride in providing fast response times even in emergency situations so you can trust us with all your pest control needs regardless of complexity or scope.

Our commitment is simple – we want you to feel safe in your home or place of business from unwanted pests! If you’re looking for expert advice or an effective solution for your property’s pest problem, contact Classia Pest Control today!

What We Do

At Classia Pest Control, we specialize in the safe and effective removal of all types of pests from residential and commercial properties. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing each customer with the highest quality service at a competitive price.

We bring the latest technology and techniques to every job so that we can safely rid your premises of common pests like rats, mice, cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, and termites – to name a few! Our team is also experienced in resolving all types of wildlife problems such as birds, snakes, squirrels and bats.

Our goal is simple: Keep your property safe from pests while preserving its integrity at all times. We provide accurate estimates including pest protection protocols tailored according to your specific needs. Whether it is a new construction site or existing property requiring ongoing maintenance – we have the solution for you!

At Classia Pest Control we take great pride in our workmanship which is why we guarantee 100% satisfaction for each project. We realize that controlling pests requires more than just removing pests; it means developing an integrated pest management program that focuses on prevention. If you’re looking for a reliable pest control company – look no further than Classia Pest Control!

Our Mission and Values

At Classia Pest Control, our mission is to be the most reliable source for comprehensive pest management solutions for homes and businesses. We strive to provide quality services that promote a healthy and safe environment for our customers.

Our core values are customer satisfaction, quality assurance and safety. We are committed to providing our customers with the most reliable and efficient service while maintaining a commitment to safety. All of our services are carried out using the latest in effective methods, materials and equipment.

We believe that every customer should be treated with respect, provided with information regarding pest control treatments available, and receive a high level of customer service at all times. We are committed to building lasting relationships through exceptional service that always exceeds expectations.

Our Team

At Classia Pest Control, our team includes experienced professional pest controllers and entomologists, who are dedicated to provide the highest quality services to our clients. Our team is committed to provide the best pest control solutions to our clients with safe and humane methods, as well as educating them on the steps that they can take to prevent pest problems in the future.

Our Founder

Hendry Prasetya founded Classia Pest Control in 2020 with the vision of providing quality and innovative pest control solutions to Kuala Lumpur’s local community. With more than 15 years of working experience in the industry, Hendry has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field.

Combining his experience with a drive to improve services, he leads the team to deliver quality pest extermination and prevention treatments for residential and commercial properties. His commitment is to ensure Classia provides an accessible, reliable, consistent and quality service at an affordable price.

With an emphasis on customer care, our team at Classia Pest Control use integrated pest management techniques applicable for homes and businesses. This takes into consideration behavioral, cultural, physical and chemical agents in order to create the most effective solution for your particular setting. Our staff are trained and certified by accredited safety organisations ensuring quality results that guarantee peace of mine for our customers.

Our Management Team

At Classia Pest Control, we understand how important efficient and effective management is when it comes to maintaining our high services standards. We are proud to have a management team that is comprised of some of the most experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable personnel in the pest control industry.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Tan Kim Hui, previously held key positions at leading pest control companies across Malaysia. With her unparalleled knowledge of the pest control sector and impressive understanding of business strategies, Tan Kim Hui leads our highly competent management team to ensure that they meet both customer and company goals while providing unparalleled services in Kuala Lumpur.

Besides Tan Kim Hui, our management team also includes professionals from various industries such as laboratory science, public health and engineering who are committed to delivering exceptional quality services to thousands of customers in Kuala Lumpur. Apart from the Chief Executive Officer herself, they include:

  • Operations Manager: Mr Chong Woen Ling – holding an MSc degree in applied sciences with specialisation in entomology (insectscience), Mr Chong has 16 years’ experience in handling scientific research projects related to insect-borne diseases.
  • Marketing Manager: Mr Gan Chye Chuan – with a Bachelor Degree in Marketing Management from Cyberjaya University College Of Medical Sciences (CUCMS) and 9 years’ experience working for a public listed conglomerated group; he leads our marketing division in overseeing existing customer relationships among generating new leads for potential customers.
  • Technology Manager: Ms Lim Yoke Mann – As the technology manager with14 years’ experience working for a Fortune 500 tech company across Asia Pacific region; she not only oversees all technical related matters but also makes sure Classia Pest Control gets all up-to-date technologies available on the market that creates greater efficiency within our company operations as well as provide better satisfaction levels for our valued customers.

Our professional yet friendly staff come highly trained so you can rest assured that your protection plan needs will be taken care of professionally!

Our Team of Professionals

Classia Pest Control is comprised of professionals who are dedicated to providing outstanding service and solutions to our clients’ pest problems. Our team is fully trained and certified in the safe and effective use of chemicals, baits and other materials. All our exterminators are knowledgeable in the natural habits of pests, which enables them to identify problem areas quickly and develop an appropriate solution.

The key members of our team include:

  • Certified Exterminators: Our exterminators have years of experience dealing with all types of pests, from bed bugs to rodents. They will identify potential problem areas, create an effective plan for treatment, and follow through on the plan to make sure you don’t have any further pest issues.
  • Quality Control Technicians: Our Quality Control Technicians make sure that our methods are efficient and safe so that you can rest assured knowing your home or office is protected against any future infestations. These quality control specialists also monitor the progress of treatments so that they can take corrective action if necessary.
  • Inspection Specialists: We believe it’s important to perform a thorough inspection before recommending a course of treatment for any type of pest problem. Our Inspection Specialists inspects each property prior to making treatment recommendations in order to ensure that no pest issue goes unnoticed or untreated.
  • Customer Service Representatives: Our Customer Service Representatives provide clients with fast and friendly service throughout their entire experience with us. From scheduling initial visits or treatments, answering questions regarding services or billing procedures—our customer service reps are always available when you need assistance!