Want to know how to keep your house cockroach free? Then these tips will help you. We have got you covered, if you happen to live in Dhaka Bangladesh. Cockroaches tend to love the dark places that have a little bit of moist in it. Places like the storage, kitchen and the toilet becomes their favorite hiding place when it becomes dark. And in Dhaka, which is the most polluted city in Bangladesh, literally every house is a good hiding spot for cockroaches.

Tips on Keeping Your House Cockroach Free

Besides calling the professionals, here are some DIY (Do It Yourself) methods of keeping your house cockroach free:

Keeping Your House Clean

The first step in keeping your house cockroach free is to keep your house clean. Make sure there are no scattered messes in your house. No unwanted moisture in closed spaces. Make sure all the furniture and stuffs are in the right place. Use modern day house cleaning liquids, as they contain pest repellent chemicals as well as antiseptic chemicals. These will greatly reduce the percentage of infestation in the house.

No Hoarding

Do not hoard stuffs. If you have a reason to hoard stuffs, make sure to organize them. If not, then don’t. Some people have a bad habit of hoarding stuffs. This is a problem as it gives pests like cockroaches a free hiding spot.

No hoarding
No Hoarding

Check for Holes and Gaps

Holes and gaps in walls and corners are responsible for spreading cockroach infestation. These are their favorite spots for breeding. Always make sure to cover up these areas with a caulk or any kind of building material. If you have difficulty finding and checking these holes and gaps, you can call a pest control to do the work for you.

Homemade Pest Repellent

You can just make a homemade pest repellent by creating a solution of water and a teaspoon of liquid dish wash. Liquid dish washer contains chemicals like Boric acid that is a cockroach repellent on its own. But to make this effective you will have to directly spray it on the cockroach’s body. To make it more effective, add Borax and baking soda to the mix. This will kill cockroaches in their nests.

Boric Acid Mixed Items

Boric acid is a chemical that can repel off cockroaches. It is quite useful and it can be found in tooth paste and detergents. Mostly anything that is used for cleaning something. If you want to know more about boric acid and its effectiveness, just go to our last blog.

The Power of Mouthwash

Mouthwash is also effective against cockroaches. Mouthwash brands like Listerine, Arodin, Betadine, Benostar and many more can be used against cockroaches. Just find their hiding spots and spray the mouthwash and water mixture. It should prevent them from coming back to those places. You could add liquid detergent to it to make it even stronger and longer lasting.

Keeping the Kitchen Clean

Cockroaches are always looking for food. It is in their natural instinct to look for food and survive. The reason why they come in our house in the first place is because we have a dirty kitchen. Food and food ingredients scatter everywhere when we cook food, especially around the stove. If left unclean, these can attract pests, especially cockroaches. Also unclean dishes are a bad thing as well. The odor of unclean dishes can attract cockroaches.

Cockroach coming from the sink
Cockroach coming from sink

Waste Management in the House

You need proper waste management in the house if you want to keep the house cockroach free. You must throw away garbage every day. You cannot let it stack. Even one day of packed up garbage can release a bad stench depending on the materials and this can attract pests. The bad stench of garbage tells cockroaches that it’s free food. This is why proper waste management is absolutely necessary.

Make Sure there is no Runny Water any Where

Cockroaches love moisture in dark places. This is one of their needs. If you give them exactly that, they will never leave your house. Look for places where there is runny water. May there be a leaked faucet, a broken pipe, a leakage in a water container, or maybe a damp somewhere. Damp ceilings or corners are cockroaches favorite. In the dark it is their favorite place to breed and mate. You should always look out for these spots and get them fixed right away. Call a plumber or a mason if necessary.

Keep your House Dry

This is one of the things cockroaches hate. Cockroaches love moisture, so they hate the opposite, dryness. If you can keep the temperature of your house normal while keeping good air flow, your house should be dry all the time. This will make cockroaches uninterested to come in your house.


Getting rid of cockroaches might sound difficult because of their strong livability, but if you think about it, it actually is not that difficult. If you follow these tips, you might get a chance of keeping your house roach free. But then again, if your house is already infested to the point that you can barely stay in it, then we think you should call the pest control.