Need rat bait tips? Can’t bait a rat? Traps don’t work cause your bait doesn’t work? Need tips to bait a rat in your trap? Well good for you because we have got just what you need. We are going to present you these 5 tips to bait a rat in your trap. We guarantee this tips will work because the baits we are going to talk about are one of their favorite snacks. The rats won’t be able to resist them and they will walk right in to their demise. So just read on, use our tips and watch how your traps kick in to action.

Rat bait tips
Rat Bait Tips

The Baits

Although we guarantee that our tips will work, every situation is different and could vary. You will have to go through trial and error to see which one works best for you. Try different options and get more insights about them. But if you are lazy and don’t have the time to find that out, you could try rat bait products. These products work on rats and mouse. They are guaranteed to work. However, for the curious mind, we have these tips to offer. Let’s start.


You love chocolate. We love chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate. Even rats love chocolate. So how about we use it as bait. That is exactly the plan. Rats can’t resist the smell of chocolate. If we put a piece of chocolate in a trap, it is very possible that the rat or mice will fall for it. One good thing about using these kinds of traps is that they are non toxic. They are not harmful to pets, children or other wild animals. They are an effective bait and works almost every time. The rest is up to your trap.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter works great too. They are the same as chocolate. Only difference is that it is a paste not a solid. They are effective bait after chocolate. So if chocolate wasn’t effective enough, try peanut butter. And just like chocolate, peanut butter is also non-toxic.

Sweet Biscuits

Sweet biscuits, especially the sugary ones are also a rat favorite. They are sweet snacks with a delicious smell. We love them and so do rats. There is no doubt that rats won’t fall for this bait. Also, since the biscuit or biscuit crumbs are solid, they are easy to set in the trap. These are again non toxic and very cheap. You can even use the date expired ones, they will work too.

Vanilla Dough

Make any kind of batter or dough. Any kind as long as it has flour in it. Add some vanilla extract to it. The scent of vanilla is irresistible and it makes all kinds of pests chase after it. Rats fall in to same category. Just make flour dough and add some vanilla essence or extract and make a very little ball out of it. Put that ball in the trap and watch how rats fall in it. It is also non toxic and costs nothing.

Fish Bone or Chicken Bone

Next time when you throw away that fish bone or chicken bone, reconsider your decision. Rats and mouse love fish bone. They will definitely fall for a juicy bone to chew on. Again, put it inside whatever trap you are using and watch the results. They are again non-toxic and cause no harm to pets and children. And they cost nothing.

Final Words

Keep in mind that luring a rat in to its death is not an easy task. Rats are smart creature. They are very tricky and to catch or kill them, you will have to be trickier. This is why, a good irresistible bait is very important. So when the bait catches their attention, they don’t think twice. But this whole process require time and patients and a lot of trial and error. If you do not have the time for this process, then just use commercial products or call the rodent control. Thank you for reading.